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A new standard has been created for the design, inspection, testing, maintenance, and safe operation of overhead cranes, and this standard more closely mirrors those standards recommended by hoisting manufacturers. The new standard, B167-08, also incorporates selected materials from international standards ISO 4301-1 and 4301.5, outlining requirements which are applicable to Canadian Industry and includes excerpts from ASME B30.2 and ASME B30-9.


The second edition of CSA B335 Safety Standard for Forklift Trucks specifies minimum requirements and for design, construction, maintenance, inspection, and safe operation of lift trucks. It harmonizes American National Standards with inclusions from ANSI/ASME B56.1 and ANSI/ASME B56.6 which sets minimum standards for fork inspection. It requires that forks be carefully inspected for cracks, using non-destructive testing, if necessary, to determine their fitness for service and for levels of wear and distortion. It also sets out the standards for the repair and load testing of repaired forks. This standard brought North American standards in line with most other industrialized countries.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH and SAFETY ACT and REGULATION for Industrial Establishments


  1. A lifting device shall:
    1. be so constructed, of such strength and be equipped with suitable ropes, chains, slings and other fittings so as to adequately ensure the safety of all workers;
    2. be thoroughly examined by a competent person to determine its capacity to handle the maximum load as rated,
      1. prior to being used for the first time, and
      2. thereafter as often as necessary but not less frequently than recommended by the manufacturer and in any case, at least once a year.

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